The Bin Hostess Project was launched to demonstrate how to reduce waste at landfills.  The goal was to promote waste segregation at source and divert recovered recyclable waste to the people who could make use of it.

To highlight benefits of the practice, me2green targeted large venues such as college, mall and hospital for demonstration events.  A rag-picker woman was hired as bin-hostess to assist in waste segregation.  Bin-hostess collected waste directly from visitors’ hands and segregated right in front of them. This way, visitors were not expected to change their habits right away but at the same time, they were exposed to the practice and benefits of segregating waste at source. 

Thousands of visitors and students got to see the results.

The Bin Hostess Project
demo event at college campus

The Green Resource Library initiative is aimed at digitizing college students’ work in environmental area.

Students from varied background such as engineering, management, liberal arts and social sciences volunteer with me2green. They are involved with me2green for events, projects and internship studies. Students are encouraged to document their experiences and findings. Content such as event handbooks, project reports, informative brochures, presentations and videos are created in digital format so that they can easily be shared and maintained.     

The Green Resource Library initiative, an on-going effort, is based on sustainable, scalable and replicable approach. 

The Green Resource Library initiative
Environment knowledge management

The Waste Optimization Program was launched in partnership with CII-yi Mumbai Chapter and SWM-MCGM. The aim was to advocate and help facilitate waste segregation at source practice at commercial establishments.

More than 50 students from Mumbai’s 4 leading management institutes participated in the year long program. On-site surveys were conducted and recommendations were given on recovering useful waste. In addition, training sessions were held for the sites’ cleaning staff to ensure continuation of the practice at the venues.

In 10 months period, the students successfully helped 9 venues which included some of the leading hotels, malls and corporate offices. The project also helped students gain confidence to make a difference towards greener planet.

The Waste Optimization Program
recognition & reward certificate

Tomorrow’s Green Managers Program is designed for management students with an aim to kick-start eco-clubs at management institutes.

Under this program, me2green provides a platform for students to get involved in environmental activities, not just with me2green but also with other organizations active in various environmental areas. The students get to opt for projects or events from a range of areas such as waste management, renewable energy, biodiversity, urban farming and eco-tourism. 

The program is modeled in such a way that it will be fully student-driven in two years time.

Tomorrow’s Green Managers Program
eco-clubs at management institutes